NJ county has a better idea for "mirco" loans | Editorial

NJ county has a better idea for "mirco" loans | Editorial
Freeholder Heather Simmons says that the county's initial $ 100,000 "investment" went to 30 businesses, with loans ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 35,000. The additional $ 250,000 includes another $ 50,000 from the county, as well as $ 200,000 from the Cooperative …
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Government unveils concessional loans plan for dams
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says water is wealth and his government wants to build the banks to keep it in. The Government has unveiled plans for a $ 2 billion concessional loans facility to help state and territory governments build dams …
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Zambia: Church Gives Out Loans
International Ministers' Fellowship and Affiliated Churches (IMFAC) has disbursed loans worth K150,000 to about 300 vulnerable people to help them run business ventures and subsequently reduce household poverty. IMFAC president Paul Mulenga said …
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Publicly traded banks in Louisiana generally limited exposure to energy loans
In late March, Mississippi-based Hancock Holding Co., which has 100 Whitney Bank locations in Louisiana, set aside $ 50 million for potential first-quarter energy loan losses. Hancock had previously estimated its bad loans for the entire year at $ 44 …
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Rajdeep effect: Mallya claims his bank account was hacked and loans applied for
When Faking News got in touch with Mallya and asked him that why would someone hack his account and instead of taking out some money, rather put some more money in his account by applying for loans, he said that such questions were unfair and …
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DBS Sees Growth Opportunity In Bad Loans-Affected Indian Banking Sector
670 crore in FY16 for recapitalisation, has also taken a massive hit due to bad loans, making it difficult for domestic lenders to expand their portfolios in the country. Asserting the ability of DBS, which is the largest lender in its home market, Mr …
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Chinese banks disguise risky loans
The rise of Chinese shadow banking, beginning around 2010, focused on banks shifting loans off-balance sheet through partnerships with non-bank financial institutions such as trust companies and securities brokerages. During the past two years, however …
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Mortgage credit availability tightens up
As Mortgage Rates fell to the lowest since 2013 this month, the Mortgage Brokers Association (MBA) indicated mortgage credit availability fell 0.2 percent making is slightly more difficult to qualify for a home purchase mortgage. The Mortgage Brokers …
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The great Australian housing myth?
While Gen Y is looking down the barrel of years of servicing a loan and actually saving a deposit, Baby Boomers were faced with higher repayments and greater mortgage stress. In other words it's harder for Gen Y to get on the ladder but easier than …
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Laid-Off Oil Workers Struggle to Pay Loans, Credit Cards

Laid-Off Oil Workers Struggle to Pay Loans, Credit Cards
The slump in crude prices is starting to show up as missed payments by consumers in the oil patch. In states from Oklahoma and Texas to North Dakota and Wyoming, rising unemployment in the energy sector is pushing up loan delinquencies and raising the …
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Sallie Mae rolls out parent loans to pay for college
As parents face the prospect of paying for college this fall, Sallie Mae is offering a new option for those considering borrowing to cover costs. The private lender said Tuesday that it is now providing parent loans at a lower cost than the government …
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4 Things Borrowers Don't Always Know About Parent PLUS Loans
Parent PLUS borrowers often struggle to manage not only the parent PLUS loan payments while trying to save for retirement, but may still be trying to repay their own student loans to boot. If you consider that these loans qualify for limited access to …
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Student loan issues could be thorn in Ted Cruz's appeal to young voters
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – When Ted Cruz kicked off his White House bid at Liberty University, he told the crowd "y'all can probably relate" to the $ 100,000-plus in student loan debt he ran up in college and paid off only a few years ago. Since then he's …
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Federal student loans: Are they loans, entitlements or a confused mix?
Over the past decade, Congress has generously provided direct loans to students totaling more than $ 1 trillion for college, graduate school and trade school programs. Separately, hundreds of billions of government dollars are guaranteeing privately …
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What does Student Loan Forgiveness Have to Do with Farming? Everything.
Starting a farm is hard for anyone, but Goodwin has an extra burden to bear: $ 9,000 in student loan debt. And although he works for both farms, Goodwin's financial prospects are bleak. The average U.S. farm brought in only $ 43,750 in net income in 2012 …
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Student Loans Don't Turn a Profit

Student Loans Don't Turn a Profit
Democratic politicians often claim that the federal government makes a profit on student loans. However, the latest release from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) shows that the truth of that assertion depends on how you slice the numbers.
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Obama administration to forgive student loans of 400000 disabled people
The department estimates the loans eligible for forgiveness amount to about $ 7.8 billion. Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell said last week that too few borrowers have used the program as they may not know about it, or found it too complicated …
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Recidivism Watch: Bernie Sanders's comparison of student loan interest rates
“It's grossly unfair that interest rates on student loans are two to three times higher than on auto loans.” –Bernie Sanders, post on Twitter, April 20, 2016. Sanders typically compares student loan interest rates to mortgage interest rates, to say …
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Another reason to avoid payday loans
Photo (c) carmenbobo – Fotolia If you take out a payday loan, you are required to pay it back in two weeks. But if you are in such a financial bind that you have to turn to a payday lender, what makes you think you'll have the money to repay the loan …
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Payday Lending: Will Anything Better Replace It?
Payday lending works like this: In exchange for a small loan—the average amount borrowed is about $ 350—a customer agrees to pay a single flat fee, typically in the vicinity of $ 15 per $ 100 borrowed. For a two-week loan, that can equate to an …
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Romania's parliament approves mortgage walk-away bill
BUCHAREST, April 13 Romania's parliament overwhelmingly approved a law on Wednesday that enables property buyers to walk away from their mortgage debts, which domestic and foreign critics say poses serious risks to the economy. The law caps the …
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Clinton tries to win New York with her congressional record
Unless regulation is decimated by our R congress. Flush the rotten congress. 11/2015, R house AGAIN passes a bill that lets the banks give mortages to people they know don't have the income to pay it back AND federally insure those bogus loans AND …
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New pension rules will see 6 million workers lose up to £37 a month
If I were a cynic (I am) then I'd say retirement is being delayed because it give us more time to pay off our massively increased mortages and pay for the pensions of those who were lucky enough to retire before the music stopped. Reply | Pick. Report …
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Fitch Rates STAG Industrial, Inc.'s MM 6.875% Ser C Cumulative Redeemable
The company has minimal debt maturities over the next several years, until $ 132 million of secured property level mortages mature during 2018. STAG's unencumbered assets, defined as unencumbered NOI (as calculated in accordance with the company's …
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Duxbury father wins student loan relief, seeks more change

Duxbury father wins student loan relief, seeks more change
In a major victory for a Duxbury father, a federal appeals court has urged a bankruptcy judge to consider a settlement that would allow the man to erase more than $ 246,000 he still owes on student loans he borrowed to send his three children to college.
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How to Buy a House When You Have Student Loans
Student loans can let people who would otherwise be unable to afford college get a degree. But they can also present an obstacle to achieving another element of the American dream — homeownership. Approximately 32% of millennials have put off …
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Prevent a shark attack by avoiding payday loans

Prevent a shark attack by avoiding payday loans
This month, the head of a group of payday lending enterprises was indicted on federal racketeering charges. The authorities accused the Pennsylvania man of violating anti-usury laws, charging more than 700 percent on payday loans. According to the …
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Ottawa councillor wants to crack down on payday loans
Ottawa city councillor Mathieu Fleury wants to limit the number of payday loan stores in low-income areas and wants the province to give the city the tools to make it happen. Fleury — who represents Rideau-Vanier — introduced a motion that was passed …
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Chancery Court judge strikes down payday loan
Wilmington — Consumer advocates in Delaware have been fighting to regulate the state's payday loan industry, which for years has been known for charging triple-digit interest rates. But a March 14 Court of Chancery ruling against payday loan company …
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